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Fire Resistance Tests

Test Commissioning

You must have wanted to undergo further development so you want a fire resistance test. FORTE promises a simple and fast test program to save client’s valuable time and resources. Six uncomplicated steps to a report!

Step 1:

Tell us your requirements; for example, what is your current situation, what are the specimens, desired test standards or anything you would like us to know! The more information you give us, the smoother we process your requests. Act now!

Step 2:

Our professional team will analyze your case carefully, discuss with you and figure out practical test plans for you.

Step 3:

Confirm us your final decision with proper details and drawings of your specimen. We need your information to process on the preparation. At the same time the test schedule will be arranged.

Step 4:

A test frame will be available. The installation can be done according to your previous drawings.

Step 5:

Fire resistance test will be carried out! Clients are welcome to witness the test on site. Certainly it will be beneficial for you to understand your product characteristics, as you may reveal weak points easily in real test but not on 2-D graphs or photos.

Step 6:

A test report is prepared according to actual test result. Specimen specifications, installations and product behavior in test will also be included in the test report. We pledge to issue test report quickly and accurately!

We promised to work closely with clients for a smooth procedure when the sufficient information is provided. For more details on test commissioning please refer to contact us.