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Professional Solutions

Fire Resistance Performance Assessments

FORTE professional team can offer intelligent fire resistance assessment consultancy to varied application of tested fire resistance products.

Sometimes you may be asked to add, remove or substitute some parts on your products in multiple projects. The impact of these changes on systematic fire resistance performance requires professional review to give a clear picture. We provide our clients with:

  • Project-base/ One-time Assessments
    - on minor features or constructions details alternations
  • General Assessments
    - covering specified re-arrangements of your products
  • Any situation requiring technical advises

You are welcome to share us your challenges!

*Assessments are performed basing on adequate test evidences; please refer to test planning for more details.

Product Certification Consultants

FORTE expected a soaring demand on certified fire resistance products. A certification on your product implies an outstanding quality and consistency. However, acquiring a product certification involves a vast amount of resources.

FORTE has consultants holding auditor qualifications of quality management systems. We will work closely with clients, visit production lines. Carry out in-depth pre-inspection, and reveal hidden manufacturing faults contributing to product failures.

Expert Witness

In some cases you may perform fire resistance tests at other laboratory, but wish to have a third-party fire expert next to you giving advices on the test and specimen performance. Competent FORTE engineering team is ready to help!

In spite of focused test services on vertical non-loadbearing systems in our laboratory, our engineering team also possess all-rounded cognitions in the field of fire resistance testing. We provide instant technical support services to our clients.

Examples of fire resistance tests are including and not-limited to:

  • Loadbearing Construction Elements
    - Columns, Beams, Loadbearing walls, etc.
  • Horizontal Elements
    - Ceiling, Floor, etc.
  • Building Services
    - Dampers, Smoke Control Systems, etc.