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SMOKE CONTROL TESTS are now Available in FORTE!

[Forte News] 2012-11-16

FORTE has been accredited to provide SMOKE CONTROL TESTS on DOORS and SHUTTERS!
We successfully re-proved our competency to perform not only accredited fire tests, but also the new extensions on SMOKE CONTROL TESTS by BS EN 1634-3:2004, AS 1507.7-2007, etc.! We are pleased to be the FIRST HOKLAS laboratory equipped with facilities to carry out accredited smoke control tests on both BS EN and AS standards!
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Update and Implementation of Fire Safety CoP!!!

[Industry News] 2012-04-01

The “Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings 2011” has been updated in April 2012 and implemented from 1st April, 2012!
The Buildings Department had implemented the new CoP on 1st April, 2012; therefore applications onwards should be in compliance to the latest version. Some terms and requirements in the 2011 version have been renewed in the April 2012 version. Please refer to the corrigenda to see what is changed!
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Technical Seminar “New Generation on Passive Fire Products” (Update)

[Forte News] 2012-03-16

Our 1-day technical seminar “New Generation on Passive Fire Products” was completed successfully on 28th Feb, 2012!
The seminar provided useful guidance to attendants on the New Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings, revealed the differences between British Standard (BS) and European Standard (BS EN) and presented the major concepts behind passive fire protection–product testing and certification. We thank for every attendant’s active participation; and we wish sincerely the event was joyful and meaningful.
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Media Visit and TV Interview at FORTE Laboratory

[Forte News] 2012-02-23

Ms. Sammi Cheng, Laboratory Manager of FORTE, was interviewed on TV program “News Magazine” (新聞透視) of Jade Channel (翡翠台)-Television Broadcasts Limited “TVB” (無線電視) and the episode was broadcasted on 19th Jan, 2012.
During the media visit to our Laboratory, Ms. Sammi Cheng explained the appropriate methods to extinguish a kitchen fire caused by an over-heated oil bath. Also with a live demonstration on fire resistance of common concrete wall and fire door, she also delivered inspirational thoughts about making “stay-or-run” decisions when fire outbreaks in your building. To view the broadcasted program, please go to

Technical Seminar “New Generation Passive Fire Products”

[Forte News] 2011-12-28

FORTE is going to hold a technical seminar “New Generation on Passive Fire Products” on 28th February, 2012!
The seminar is tailored for fire industry practitioners on the changing environment of the passive fire products. Forte’s technical team will outline delegates with latest regulatory requirements, product certification schemes, European fire testing, etc. The attendants will certainly be updated to current trend of passive fire products market, and thus prepare best for the coming challenges.
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New Accredited Tests Available!

[FORTE News] 2011-11-11

FORTE successfully extended its scope of accredited tests to BS EN fire resistance tests!
Vertical non-loading construction elements, like doors, shutters, walls and glazed panels are now able to undergo European tests at our laboratory for applications. As BE EN standards strengthened the test procedures, it is believed that traditional FR products will be pushed to their very limit, when compared to be examined against the BS 476-20, -22 standards.
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New Fire Safety Code of Practice Released!

[Industry News] 2011-10-05

The Buildings Department issued the 2011 version “Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings” in late September!

The new code updated BS EN standard tests into prescriptive fire resistance requirements on passive fire products, including doors, walls, glazing and shutters. The cold also introduced EN classification system of different construction elements and building materials.

This modification is going to impact on current fire resistance products market since it raised the bottom line of future applications.

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Laboratory Visit –Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA)

[FORTE News] 2011-09-10

An exchange trip organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects visited our fire resistance laboratory and witnessed a fire resistance test on a glazed panel. We exchange opinions with a number of professionals in the construction industry on the trend of fire resistance products application.

Laboratory Visit –Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA)

[FORTE News] 2011-07-22

A technical visit at Forte’s fire test laboratory took place for Tender Committee and Building Committee from Hong Kong Housing Authority. During the visit, our technical team introduced different testing services and demonstrated a fire resistance test on timber door sets to the delegates.