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Fire Resistance Tests

Non-standard Tailor Made Test

FORTE understands market needs of special FR products to perform extraordinary function, which are often required to test under non-standard conditions. We are confident to provide diverse testing services satisfying exceptional requests.

Besides ISO/BS and ASTM standard heating curves, FORTE has the ability to control its furnace to produce other temperature/time relationships; such as slow heat curve temperature (for cases like external fire), hydrocarbon curve (for cases like inflammables storage), constant high temperature and periodic heating over time.

Not only temperature conditions, pressure conditions in high rise buildings or subway station deep underground may vary from that inside average buildings. We may manipulate the furnace pressure to a range of hyper-pressure (pressure above normal situation) to hypo-pressure (pressure well below normal situation) in order to simulate different fire scenarios.

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Academic Researches

FORTE deeply appreciates efforts of scientists and researchers on improvement of fire safety. Our testing facilities are available to researchers. Co-operation proposals are highly welcomed!

Recent researches carried out in FORTE:

  • Loadbearing Fire Resistance Test on Reinforced High-Strength Concrete (HSC) Filled Circular Hollow Sections
  • Comparison of Heat Flux Radiation from Insulated and Un-insulated Steel Roller Shutters

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