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Fire Resistance Tests

Fire Resistance Construction Elements

When a fire starts in a room, it may grow and spread rapidly to other parts of the building. Fire resistance products (FR products) are barrier to fire spread by confining heat and mass in the fire origin, so occupants in other rooms gain time to evacuate and fire services readily fight against fire.FR products are therefore one of the most important elements in fire safety of a building.

Owning to their significant roles in fire safety, FR products are to be tested before put in use. Fire resistance tests are designed to evaluate FR products performances by subjecting them into a well-defined heat and pressure condition, well known examples like ISO standard curve or hydrocarbon curve, to stimulate post-flashover stage environment in an enclosure fire. Stability, integrity and insulation properties of the elements over the test period are to be examined.

The test results of fire resistance tests always reflect an overall add-up of the behavior of all parts of a construction (system-based) rather than that of individual components of a construction (individual-based). Fire resistance tests are as a result more complicated and larger in scale than branch scale material tests.

FORTE is currently focusing on fire resistance tests on vertical non-loadbearing elements, for example:

  • Doors (Timber, Steel or Glazed)
  • Openable Windows
  • Shutters
  • Lift Landing Doors
  • Brick or Masonry Walls
  • Drywall Partition Systems
  • Glazed Panels
  • Smoke Barriers– Including Suspended Type

Our Laboratory can carry out specific fire resistance tests in accordance with diverse international and national standards, such as BS (Britain), BS EN (Britain; European Nations), ISO (International Standards), ASTM and UL (USA), AS (Australia), GB (China) and etc. Please refer to our scope of accreditation for more information on our accredited tests.

We may also develop non-standard test methods to cater your needs and meet uncommon requirements.

FORTE also furnish clients with its thorough test programming and professional FR product assessments consultation services.


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